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Paige Thomley

The Creative Process


We meet up and discuss in depth your artistic vision. It doesn’t matter if you only have a vague idea about what you want, it’s my job to help you figure out what combination of inspirations will make your soul explode with joy. And I do that by asking a LOT of questions! Do you want to be cradled in moss or swaddled in sand? Are we thinking rhinestones and velvet or raw and emotive…or all of the above?!

This is also where we briefly discuss display options. You’ll be able to touch and see up close the quality of my legacy box handmade in Italy, as well as how my metal wall art catches the eye from all angles. You’ll begin to acclimate yourself to the idea that YOU ARE ART.

*During this first stage we will determine together if we are a good ‘fit’. I am not the photographer for everyone (and I don’t want to be!). I don’t do simple headshots and my process is very thorough. You might be looking for something more or less than I can give. If there isn’t excitement brewing between us we should honor one another and not work together. BUT if we are vibing and feeling good then I will ask you at this time to pay a non-refundable retainer of $500. This will ALL go towards any products you end up ordering during your viewing and ordering session.

Curation & Collaboration

The designing of your portraits is my favorite part! I will hit the ground running with all of the information you tell me and alchemize it into concepts. I am very detail-oriented so we will be having multiple mini touch bases along the way. You’ll be looking at storyboards and we will be making outfit and wardrobe selections and you’ll be settling the details of the location. There are color palettes to choose and possibly headpieces to design and playlists to make. It’s all very collaborative…and fun!


This is where everything merges and art is made. It will be both meticulously planned out AND willy-nilly. You will be posed but also allowed the space to move. You might have to wait a minute for the wind to blow just right or maybe you’ll be asked to “Do that one more time” eighteen more times. You’ll probably (definitely) be on the floor or ground at some point and you might just be crying (but only because you want to!) All in all it’s a mix of movement and stillness and connection and vulnerability between the both of us.

Viewing & Ordering

This is the day (about 3 weeks after your photoshoot) you get to see the portraits you’ve commissioned! Together we will view approximately 60 fully edited images. You select your favorites, you choose which products you’d like to purchase to best display them, and we place your order. There is no harsh upselling from me, you only buy what you love.