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Paige Thomley

Hi my name is Paige and I am an artist.

Like you, I contain multitudes.

But let's just skim the surface, shall we?!

I am a dreamer, a doer, a GET SHIT DONE-er. I am full of passion and I believe in a lot of things.

Here are a few of them:

  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is finite and precious and you should just DO.THE.THING and don’t worry about what people think. Wear what you want, post naked pictures of yourself, get a herd of baby goats. Live boldly. You could die tomorrow.
  • Emotions are energy and energy wants to move. (No one said the movement had to be pretty.)
  • Nature…nature is everything. Lick some dirt every once in a while, go out and feel the earth breathe, lay in the grass, pick up some litter. If you feel overwhelmed, go into the woods. It probably won’t solve your problems but it’ll give you some perspective.
  • We are all connected. Everyone is a reflection of you. Love yourself so you can love the world.
  • Your deeds are your monuments. Don’t be a jerk.

What is it like working with me?

It’s like being plunged into an undiluted fountain of creativity. I am positively vibrating with inspired juju and when you are my client I direct all of that creative energy towards you. When you tell me your dreams and your hopes and your desires, I run with them. I take every single little nugget you give me and weave it into a story. I live and breathe your favorite colors, your references, your pain points. You become my muse. And you get to give input and direct my ideas every step of the way.

I truly believe with every fiber of my being that you are art. I live for the act of pure creation, the uniqueness of each luminous being that trusts me to photograph them. I do not treat my photoshoots like recipes. There is no whambamthankyounext going on, no assembly line of clients. I give everything I’ve got to each person who books me. I cannot do it any other way. It is exhausting and deeply rewarding in a way that I can’t quite put into words except to say that when it’s all over and we’ve made ART I feel like I did something that mattered, even if you and I are the only ones who ever see the end result.

I am forever chasing that sweet spot where emotion and creativity merge. We are all so much more than what you see on the surface. I want to meet you in that liminal space where you remember that you are all things and no things. I want to give you the gift of my full presence and love so you know what it feels like to be seen without judgement. I want to hold space for you to express whatever you want to express in whatever form that takes. This is where the cracking open happens. This is where the magic lies. It can be powerful and sacred if you allow yourself to be vulnerable. And you can do it all while wearing something really fucking cool.

What is it like working with me? Well, it’s not just another photoshoot.

Don’t get too close or I’ll turn you into poetry.